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Friday, June 15, 2012 - Hybrid operating room enables novel and less invasive treatment options

In much the same way as flower or fruit varieties are developed to maximize the desirable traits of the plants, a “hybrid operating room” combines the best of a tra­ditional surgical suite with large imaging equipment such as real time x-ray and CT in a sterile setting.

Such an operating room is now open at Parkwest Medical Center.                                                                                                                                                                   

A team of physicians was instrumental in the design of a “hybrid operating room” (seen in background) which combines the best of a traditional surgical suite with large, real-time imaging equipment in a ster­ile setting. Pictured are some of the physicians who will be involved the breakthrough TAVR procedure for patients who are medically unable to have open-heart surgery. L to R, Chadwick Stouffer M.D., Lee Collins M.D., Nicholoas Xenopoulos M.D., Mike Ayres M.D. and Thomas Pollard M.D.

Hybrid operating rooms allow surgeons and their colleagues to perform combined open, minimally inva­sive, image-guided and/or catheter-based procedures in the same OR in the same operative setting,” explained cardiothoracic surgeon Chadwick W. Stouffer, M.D., who was involved in the design of the hybrid OR for Parkwest along with colleagues Thomas R. Pollard, M.D., Willard B. Campbell, M.D., C. Scott Callicutt, M.D., and Christopher W. Pollock, M.D.

“If you are facing aortic aneurysm surgery or aortic valve replacement, you may have a less invasive op­tion and a quicker recovery,” Stouffer said.

“The hybrid OR concept is gaining popularity around the nation, although just a few years ago, only large teach­ing hospitals had them,” said Parkwest CAO Rick Lassiter. “The hybrid OR allows less invasive, endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms in the chest and abdomen via catheters placed in the arteries in the groin.”

“We were not the first in the area to have a hybrid OR, but we do have the newest equipment with more ‘bells and whistles’ than anywhere else,” said C. Scott Callicutt, M.D., a general/vascular surgeon. “This OR has amenities comparable with Vanderbilt and our physicians have access to technology that will allow them to access sophisticated stents and other procedures which have been primarily isolated to the Cleveland Clinic.”

Approximately $2.6 million has been invested in the creation of a 1,100-square-foot hybrid operating room which will contain a state of the art Toshiba imaging system, as well as the full complement of standard operat­ing room equipment.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Thomas R. Pollard, M.D. said that the hybrid OR is about twice the size of a normal op­erating room and has a separate control room for the state of the art imaging equipment.

“This will allow us to expand on the surgical procedures provided previously,” stated Pollard. “We will be able to care for patients who were previously too high-risk for a standard open operation.”