Parkwest Presents “BEE Award” to Certified Nursing Assistant and The DAISY Award to Three Registered Nurses

Laurie Davis receives BEE Award from the BEE committee.
BEE Award recipient Laurie Davis pictured with the BEE committee upon receiving her award. From left to right: Lynn Cagle, Donita Beard, Melisa Wenger-Jones, Chris Robb, Laurie Davis, Dylan Adams, Steven Wilder and Jason Draper.

Laurie Davis, a certified nursing assistant in Parkwest Medical Center’s Heart, Lung and Vascular Unit, and has been honored with the hospital’s BEE Award. Davis was nominated by a patient’s family for the excellent care she provided. The BEE Award, which stands for “Being Exceptional Every Day,” was created as a companion award to The DAISY Award for registered nurses. A DAISY can’t survive without a BEE, and a BEE can’t survive without a DAISY.

CNAs have constant interaction with their patients, they record vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure, assist them to and from a bed or chair as needed, and help them with feeding and personal hygiene. When a clinician is caring, calm, and “goes the extra mile” for a patient, a simple act of kindness can make all of the difference.

The  patient’s  wife  who nominated her said, “Laurie Davis has been so kind and understanding to our family. My husband who has cancer also had a stroke this past weekend. Ms. Davis was  so patient and understanding of his needs. She made sure we had everything we needed; she came in and helped my husband go to the bathroom, helped him to bathe and get dressed, changed bedding and helped him get comfortable. She even stayed over in order to see that he was well taken care of.”

This patient’s wife continued: “In an unfortunate situation, she has brought a ray of sunshine and hope to our lives. We truly want to thank her for being so kind and helpful in our time of need. We truly believe that she deserves this award. The people’s lives that are affected by her genuineness are given hope and encouragement.”

A nurses’ aide since 1990, Davis loves to help people. She believes in treating each patient and family member with care and compassion. 

Davis was presented with a certificate, special BEE pin, flowers and a gift basket in recognition of this honor. “I was overcome with emotion when I found out I won,” Davis said. “It shows that being a great caregiver is being noticed and appreciated,” she said.

To nominate an employee at Parkwest for The BEE Award visit

Parkwest Nurses Recognized for  Excellence with The DAISY Award

Three nurses at Parkwest Medical Center were recently recognized with The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. The award is part of The DAISY Foundation’s program to recognize outstanding performance and service given by dedicated registered nurses. The
most recent recipients of this award at Parkwest are Heather Scudder, Lindsey Moore and Anne Wellbaum.

Heather Scudder, RN

Heather and Edith McPeek.
Edith McPeek nominated Heather Scudder for The DAISY Award for the excellent care she provided during McPeek’s hospitalization.

Heather Scudder, orthopedic registered nurse at Parkwest, has been caring for patients for 19 years, first as a CNA, then as an LPN. She then became a registered nurse and earned
her bachelor’s degree in nursing. Scudder says her father, whom she described as a loving man, inspired her nursing career. She says his words echo in her memory, even after his passing in
2011, and at her graduation ceremony in 2018, she knew she was making her father proud. 

Scudder was nominated for The DAISY Award by a patient whom she cared for after a knee replacement. That patient described interacting with Heather Scudder: “She has been the epitome of a perfect nurse with her kindness, sweetness, efficiency, timeliness,
response, all kinds of compassion and willingness to listen to my problems. Heather was considerate, with great compassion for me and respect for my family and visitors. She was never grumpy or cross – just a joy to know. God has put some very special nurses in my life during the past three days and I will always treasure them with fond memories of their kind assistance and care for me – straight from the heart!”

Upon receiving the award, Scudder said, “I love to help people and make them feel better. But most of all I love to interact with my patients and get to know them. I feel honored and blessed that I was chosen for this award. I feel that my fellow nurses deserve The DAISY Award also, because they put their heart and soul into the job.”

Lindsey Moore, RN

Lindsey Moore in black scrubs with DAISY commitee holding DAISY banner.
Lindsey Moore was recognized by the DAISY committee and hospital administration for excellence. L-R, Jason Draper, David Bluford, Missy Sanford, Teresa Owens, Lindsey Moore, Scott Hamilton, Becky Boyd, Lynn Cagle, Brenda Gray and Neil Heatherly.

Lindsey Moore works in Parkwest’s Heart, Lung and Vascular Unit and has been a registered nurse for one year. Moore was nominated by the Rauhuff family for the wonderful care she provided during Mr. Rauhuff’s stay, the family had this to say: “My husband’s nurse,
Lindsey Moore, was so kind, helpful, and understanding to our needs and comfort in his recovery. She has been fantastic. She has truly gone the extra mile to make sure that everything is going as well as possible in every way. We feel that she is truly special because she makes you feel that way, and her love of helping others is truly evident. You can tell that she loves her job, loves being a nurse and helping others in their time of need. She was truly a bright ray of sunshine in our lives and in Rex’s recovery, and for that we are immensely grateful.”

Though Moore has known for a long time that she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, she did not realize her specific calling until a few years ago. Moore enjoys interacting with patients and their families in various roles throughout their stay: as a friend, a caregiver, and an educator. Moore said, “I love what The DAISY Award stands for, and I am very honored and grateful to have received this award as a first-year nurse.”

Anne Wellbaum, RN

Anne wearing black scrubs and holding arrangement of yellow and white daisies.
DAISY recipient Anne Wellbaum works on Parkwest’s orthopedic/spine unit.

Anne Wellbaum is the most recent recipient of The DAISY Award at Parkwest. Wellbaum has been a registered nurse for just over a year and has spent that time on the orthopedic floor of the hospital. Prior to nursing, she worked in a primary care office as a receptionist and medical assistant. She was nominated by a patient for the wonderful care he received after his neck/spine surgery. “Anne was my night nurse . . . she was quick to grasp exactly what my needs were at any given time. She seemed to read my mind as to the timing of each need. She was super pleasant and a pleasure to be around. Humor is good medicine and she helped spread it. After receiving such compassionate care from Anne, Parkwest is the hospital for all future needs. They truly gave exemplary examples of top-notch medical care!”

Upon receiving The DAISY Award, Anne shared, “What I love most about my job is feeling like I’m helping and making a difference in a person’s life. Even if most of the people I interact with – won’t remember my name, I hope I leave them with knowledge that I wanted to help in any way I could, and that I would be there for them if they needed me. Winning The DAISY Award tells me that I’m where I need to be. It is nice having a reminder that I can make a positive impression on someone I’ve taken care of.”

All of Parkwest’s DAISY recipients were honored with a “Healer’s Touch” sculpture, a certificate, and a special DAISY pin. If you would like to nominate one of your nurses for The DAISY  Award visit