Congratulations to Myleshia Carter, a patient care assistant, in our float pool for being recognized with the BEE award. Myleshia was nominated by a patient for whom she provided care.

The BEE committee presenting Myleshia Carter with her BEE Award.
Myleshia Carter, a patient care assistant in the float pool, was presented with The BEE Award on January 21.

Myleshia’s Nomination

“It’s unusual to me to be in the hospital. The sick condition that I was in … to have someone who is working nights and late into the morning to be concerned for me and the pain that I am enduring.

She cared for me so much that she wanted to do something for me with no ability to do anything physically. She told me she was praying for me and put me on her prayer list. To me, this exceeds all expectations!

Myleshia carter holding her certificate, with her manager Lauren Cade
Myleshia Carter pictured with her nurse manager, Lauren Cade.

To think about how compassionate this gesture is, she deserves recognition! She has 5 children, takes care of a family, works nights to provide for them, and then provided exceptional care to me! I think she deserves a reward. I’m sure she will receive one from God.”

Myleshia was presented with a certificate, lapel pin, a floral arrangement, cupcakes and a small gift.


More About The BEE Award

Parkwest implemented The BEE (Being Exceptional Every day) Award to recognize employees who aren’t RNs and LPNs (they can be nominated for The DAISY Award). A DAISY can’t survive without a BEE and a BEE can’t survive without a DAISY! Nominate someone for a BEE Award today!

Myleshia Carter holding flowers.