Cardiac Specialty Unit

Phone: (865) 373-2062

Located on 3 Riverstone, this 33-bed (312-345), all private cardiac specialty unit provides medical care to patients with various acute and chronic cardiopulmonary health problems. It has cardiac telemetry capability and specializes in post-heart catheterization recovery.

Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Unit

Phone: (865) 373-1575

The Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Unit is located on 3 Riverstone, and includes 17 beds (346-352), that provides specialized care to patients who have had cardiac or other thoracic surgical procedures.

The Cardio/Pulmonary Unit

Phone: (865) 373-1775

The Cardio/Pulmonary (Renal) Unit is located on 5 Riverstone, and  specializes in cardiac, pulmonary, renal, and high-acuity medical patients who require intermediate intensive nursing. All rooms provide cardiac/pulse-oxymetry monitoring through wireless telemetry.