Breast cancer survivor grateful for prompt and professional care

Posted on October 4, 2017

Liz Clary can’t help smiling when she talks about the seven alpacas on her farm, or the chickens and sheep she’s raised. “I just love all of my animals, and I love the farm,” Clary says. “It helps you stay grounded, and keeps things in perspective.” Farming is one of many things that make life 

Attorney joins his surgeon on mountain bike trails after shoulder surgery

Posted on September 27, 2017

Knoxville attorney Don Vowell makes no bones about it – when his shoulder went out for the umpteenth time, he wanted an expert. “Shoulder replacements are really not that common and I have a history of dislocated shoulders so I wanted a surgeon who had done a lot of shoulder surgeries,” said Vowell, adding that 

Quad bypass gives PR executive “an inside look”

Posted on August 23, 2017

Quad bypass gives PR executive “an inside look” 

National Breastfeeding Month- Local moms share their stories

Posted on August 16, 2017

National Breastfeeding Month Local moms share their stories      Breastfeeding is natural, but it doesn’t always come naturally to every mother and baby. Parkwest Childbirth Center gives moms-to-be and new moms alike the knowledge and self-confidence to work through the process. In celebration of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we talked to some mothers about nursing 

Breath of Air

Posted on July 19, 2017

Life goes on for pulmonary rehab patient  

Is it an emergency?

Posted on July 12, 2017


What a Relief

Posted on July 5, 2017

What a Relief! 15 months of pain eased by procedure at Parkwest Medical Center      Getting hit in the head by a machine gun barrel produces a kind of pain like no other. Retired U.S. Army veteran Larry Britton, 73, knows from experience.      “It snapped around and knocked me colder than a cucumber,” Larry 

Parkwest team saves man from ‘widow maker’

Posted on June 7, 2017

Beating the Odds- Parkwest team saves man from ‘widow maker’