Five Nurses Honored with the 2021 Daisy Award

For nurses who provide care that’s “above and beyond,” patients and their family members can nominate them for The DAISY Award. This nationally recognized award comes
from The DAISY Foundation to celebrate the care and compassion of nurses. Recently, five Parkwest nurses have received this award: Jennifer Price, RN; Laura Ivey, RN; Sherry
Waterman, RN; Barbara Riggs, RN; and Erin Winebarger, RN.

Her Whole Heart is in What She Does

Jennifer Price holding daisies.
Jennifer Price is a nurse in Parkwest’s Childbirth Center. She was recognized with The DAISY Award after being nominated by a patient for her exemplary care and support.

Jennifer Price, RN, is a nurse in Parkwest’s Childbirth Center who was recognized for her care and support during a patient’s labor and delivery. The nomination details one patient’s journey from a routine appointment to then being admitted to the labor and delivery for a sudden-onset condition. In that unit, the patient describes how attentive each staff member was to her. She explains that the encouragement of the nurses helped her get through a difficult week and a successful delivery.

Jennifer’s care, support and understanding throughout this experience stayed with the patient. The nomination reads, “She takes patient care to the next level. I had some very difficult days, and Jennifer was there to encourage me and she spoke up for me and advocated for me when I couldn’t for myself. She cheered me on breastfeeding a preemie, and we celebrated his weight gains together. She laughed with me and was there to listen when I was scared. She was so helpful in communicating my questions and concerns to the doctor. This woman is an absolute angel, and you can really tell that her whole heart is in what she d be forever grateful for Jennifer!”

Quality Care When Needed Most

Barbara Riggs with daisies.
Barbara Riggs, RN, stands with her bouquet of DAISY Award flowers.

In the Emergency room, nurses can be an essential lifeline for many patients and their families. Barbara Riggs, a nurse in Parkwest’s emergency department, was nominated for The DAISY Award by a patient’s daughter who appreciated the time and care spent taking care of her mother.

An ER patient and her daughter were fearful and confused about the patient’s diagnosis. Barbara took the time to explain the implications of the diagnosis in a way that allowed the patient and her daughter to feel more informed. Barbara also took time throughout the day to check in on the pair to make sure they were comfortable.

Barbara’s nomination reads, “I can’t imagine how stressed all nurses are at this time,
especially in the ER, and for her to take time and give me so much personal attention and comfort meant so much to me and my mother. Barbara made me feel like my mom and I mattered to her. I appreciate Barbara’s kindness and assistance so much.”

She Inspired Me to be a Better Nurse

Laura Ivey holding daisies.
Laura Ivey, RN, received The DAISY Award for showing compassion that extended to the patient’s family.

Laura Ivey is a nurse in Parkwest’s cardiothoracic surgical unit. Laura was nominated by a patient’s family member, who is also a nurse, for Laura’s compassion toward the nominator’s grandmother. The nomination reads, “She went above and beyond, not only for my Nana, but also made sure my family had the support we needed. I am a nurse myself, and I repeatedly was blown away by the compassion Laura showed. She
inspired me to be a better nurse and to extend the same kindness to my patients and their
loved ones in all situations.”

Commitment to Excellence at Parkwest

Erin Winebarger with daisies.
Erin Winebarger, RN, poses with her daisy arrangement after receiving The DAISY Award for her compassion and humanity.

Erin Winebarger, RN, works in the cardiothoracic surgical unit at Parkwest. She was nominated for The DAISY Award by a patient for her expertise, compassion and humanity.
In his nomination the patient says, “I was blown away not only by her technical expertise and knowledge, but by her compassion and humanity. Erin talked both frankly and honestly about my surgery and recovery. She listened warmly and empathetically to my fears and concerns, especially in light of my wife’s recent passing. She talked wisely and reassuringly to my daughter, who called nervously for info concerning my condition. My daughter instantly felt a connection based on trust and professionalism. Erin is a most outstanding representative of the nursing profession and her work, competence and pride speak highly of the commitment to excellence at Parkwest.”

She Felt More Like a Family Member

Sherry Waterman with her daisies.
Sherry Waterman, RN, received The DAISY Award for the outstanding care she provided in Parkwest’s Childbirth Center.

When having your first child, you need all of the support you can get. This rally of support often comes from the nursing team, and one woman received such encouragement from Sherry Waterman, RN, in Parkwest’s Childbirth Center.

Sherry was nominated for The DAISY Award for the care and expertise she provided to a first-time mother earlier this year. In her nomination, the patient describes the pain she was having from labor during childbirth.  Sherry explained options for pain medication and helped her patient choose the option that was best for her. Sherry was integral in getting the patient an epidural during labor in a timely manner, and she comforted the patient throughout the labor and delivery pains.

“She felt more like a family member or a friend during that time than my nurse,” the nomination reads. “It was evident to me that Sherry cared so much about her job, and that she truly values her patients and treats them with the utmost dignity and respect. We requested to have Sherry as our nurse the next night she was back, and we were so relieved when she walked through our door! She made my labor experience more comfortable and enjoyable. She truly deserves The DAISY Award to be recognized for her excellent nursing care and professionalism.”

The five recipients were each presented with a certificate, a pin, daisy arrangement, The Healer’s Touch sculpture and cinnamon rolls to share with their respective departments. Thank you to our staff members for going above and beyond the call of duty!

Nurses may be nominated by patients, families and colleagues, and they are chosen by a committee at  Parkwest Medical Center to nominate a nurse today, visit