Offering the latest in minimally invasive surgery with the daVinci Robotics Surgery System.

Often referred to as robotic surgery, this technology is extremely precise and highly effective. It allows surgeons to perform the same conventional procedures which required larger incisions and longer recovery times, through smaller incisions which support better patient outcomes.

The advantages from this surgical advancement include: less damage to healthy tissue, less pain during recovery and a reduced risk of losing blood in comparison to previous surgical techniques.

The surgical robotics system is completely under the surgeon’s control and replicates the surgeon’s movements in real time. It cannot be programmed or make decisions on its own.

The surgeon manipulates the robotic arms that in turn perform the crucial activities necessary for the procedure.

Patients who have robotically-assisted surgery typically experience a shorter hospital stay so they can return to their normal daily activities more quickly.

Consult with your physician if you are interested in having robotically assisted surgery at Parkwest Medical Center. For Parkwest physician information, call the Covenant Health Call Center at (865) 374-PARK or click here.