We know a visit to the Emergency Department can be an upsetting and possibly scary experience for you and your loved ones. However, the Emergency Care Center at Parkwest Medical Center has 39 rooms equipped with the latest technology and monitoring to care for you. In addition we have highly-skilled staff that is committed to provide you with the highest quality of care possible.


Upon arrival to the Emergency Department you will sign in at the front desk to let us know why you are here. Please do not eat or drink anything until we tell you it is OK to do so. This is important in case a surgical intervention is necessary.


During the triage process we will check your blood pressure, heart rate and temperature and ask questions about the reason for your visit. Please know while we want to provide you care without an extensive wait; we see patients according to how urgently they need care. Please keep in mind that patients who arrive after you may be seen before you, and we ask for your patience.


Our registration team will visit you once you’re placed in a room, and will ask you to provide insurance information and sign treatment consent forms.¬† We provide emergency care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Please provide accurate information, including your phone number in case we need to reach you with results or to follow up with you after your discharge.

Medical Screening

All emergency  patients will have a medical screening exam which is an assessment to determine your individualized treatment plan


Your provider could order labs or other tests to guide the decisions needed to treat you. Our goal is for you to understand what labs or tests are being ordered and how long you can expect to wait to get the results of these test/labs. Always feel free to ask any member of our team regarding your waits.

Continuing Care

As you wait for your test results please alert our team if you need anything. There could be other care our team will deliver during this time such as medication administration, or other orders the provider has entered.

Admit or Discharge

At the end of your visit you will either be admitted to the hospital, discharged or transferred. Our staff will talk to you about what to expect if you are admitted, discharged or transferred.

If you are discharged; you will receive instructions so you can take care of yourself at home. Many times at this stage in the emergency visit, patients and loved ones are ready to get home, but please make sure you understand your discharge instructions and ask questions if you need to do so. We strive for excellence and you can expect a follow-up call so we can get feedback on your experience.

Thank you for choosing Parkwest Medical Center for your emergency care.