Congratulations to Joi Keck, a Certified Nursing Assistant  on 3 Riverstone, for being recognized with the BEE award. Joi was nominated by a patient’s family member.

Joi Keck holding flowers
CNA Joi Keck received the BEE Award

Joi’s Nomination

“I brought my mom in the ER at midnight.  She had no extra clothes and we live an hour and a half from Parkwest.  Joi helped my mother and me.  My mom cannot hear very well and she took the time to listen to her even though she had other things to take care of.  Joi took the time to bathe her which made her feel better.  Her love for nursing is more than just a job, she really cares for people and their family.  She was very sweet.

Joi receiving the award from Leadership
The BEE Award was presented to Joi on Friday afternoon by Parkwest senior leadership.

Being that we were so far away from home, it was really nice having someone there to help us.  It meant the world to me.  Joi explained the care and what she was going to do for my mom in a way so that she would understand.  Mom loved when she called her “little princess.”  This made her smile even though she was so sick.  Her kind words made my mother feel better.

Joi is a young lady with a huge heart and a great employee at Parkwest Hospital.  I hope you give her this Bee Award so it will encourage her.  While I was writing this, there was a shift change and Joi volunteered to stay over to help the night shift.  They told her they would be okay, but she said “there are a few more things I can do to help.”    

More About The BEE Award

Parkwest implemented The BEE (Being Exceptional Every day) Award to recognize employees who aren’t RNs and LPNs (they can be nominated for The DAISY Award). A DAISY can’t survive without a BEE and a BEE can’t survive without a DAISY! Nominate someone for a BEE Award today!