Helping You Find Lost Items

We do our best to assist patients and visitors in locating items they may have left or misplaced while at Parkwest Medical Center. If you want to inquire about an item you cannot find, you can do so by calling 865-373-2905 or filling out our online request form below. Calls will only be returned if we need more information about the lost item, or if we have found your item(s).

If you’re completing the online form, please fill it out as completely as possible. Providing a detailed description of your item, the last area you had the item, or multiple areas you visited while in the hospital will help us in possibly locating your lost item. If you find your lost item, please contact us so that we can remove your item from our lost items list.

Lost and found requests received after 4 p.m. or on weekends may not be processed until the next business day. We will contact you by your preferred method of communication if we locate your item.

Lost and Found Inquiry

Patients/guests may submit request looking for lost item.

Please list areas where you might have left/lost the item(s).
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    Parkwest Medical Center is not responsible for lost or damaged belongings, or the replacement cost of items.

    Here is a list of items that are not accepted in our lost & found:

    • Blankets
    • Pillows
    • Soiled clothing
    • Items with bodily fluids on them
    • Perishable items
    • Tobacco and alcohol products
    • Medications without patient names
    • Prescription medications with proper labels will be turned into the pharmacy and kept for at least 30 days before medications are discarded.
    • Any items considered hazardous
    • Items considered to be weapons will be turned in to Security.