Neurosurgeons provide surgical intervention for brain tumors, aneurysms and hemorrhages, as well as a host of spine conditions. Neurosurgeons provide surgical relief for a host of issues caused by nerve and muscle diseases, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain and conditions resistant to medical management, like Parkinson’s disease.

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Spinal Injuries and Diseases

We treat a wide range of spinal conditions. Click below to learn more about your spinal condition and treatment options:

Preparing for Your Surgery

Learn what to expect before, during, and after your surgery. Click here to view our pre-surgery spine class.

Post-Surgery Therapy

Physical therapy helps you regain movement and flexibility after spine surgery. Covenant Health has therapy centers located throughout our region, so convenient rehabilitation after your surgery is easily available. Learn more about Covenant Health Therapy Centers and to find a location near you.

Health Information Library and Videos

Learning about your spine condition and what to expect of your surgery is vital to your recovery. Visit our health information library  and spine video library page to learn more about spinal conditions and surgery.