Resolutions and Overall Health Goals

The New Year is a great time to get back on track with goals that may have been ignored during the holidays, but roughly 80 percent of people who make resolutions going into the new year will not stick to their intentions.

It takes a long time for an action to become a habit, so setting goals that are specific, measureable, realistic and actionable are good guidelines. The bottom line is to keep it simple and to be honest with where you are and how much of a change you can realistically expect to make.

Mary Nelle Osborne, Manager of Recovery Services

Mary Nelle Osborne, MA, EdD, ATR, manager of recovery services at Peninsula’s Sevier location, shares tips for improving your overall health to make 2022 a year of success, confidence and happiness.

Improve your overall health by improving your quality of sleep.

Go to bed earlier during the week in order to get at  least eight hours of sleep. Prepare for sleep by reducing screen time at least one hour before sleep. It’s been proven that those who spend less time on their phones and watching television are actually happier, healthier and less stressed daily.

Improve your overall health by reducing or eliminating alcohol intake.

Cutting back on alcohol has been shown to improve a person’s mood, health and can even help you look younger. Set a goal to cut back on how much you drink and when you drink by being conscious of how much you consume. If cutting back or stopping makes you anxious, there may be some dependency and you should talk to others about getting help. 

Improve your overall health by improving what you eat.

One of the most popular and beneficial New Year’s goals is healthier eating. Setting a goal for a healthy diet can positively influence overall health. Weight loss may happen, but overall body functions will also improve. Try to replace unhealthy snacks with healthier options like veggies and hummus. Eliminate sodas and start drinking unsweetened tea and plenty of water.

Be proactive about medical care.

Get caught up on your physical exams. Make sure that your physical, dental and vision appointments get made and follow through with them.

Start 10-minute exercise routines.

If you want to make this the year you finally achieve your weight loss goals, you don’t have to start exercising aggressively. Just move
more! One of the best ways to stick to an exercise routine is to do 10-minute workouts. Stretching during the day helps prevent stiffness and soreness and helps with focus.

Learn to manage how you feel.

It’s vital to learn how\ to identify and manage your feelings and emotions in order to be the best version of yourself. Creating a resolution to seek therapy, begin meditating or to improve your communication with others will undoubtedly benefit you and the lives of those around you.

Peninsula Outpatient Programs Offer Individual and Group Options

Peninsula, a division of Parkwest Medical Center, is here to help those looking to improve their health in the new year. Peninsula offers care for all ages and has a variety of helpful outpatient services.

With outpatient locations in Knoxville and Sevierville, as well as Blount and Loudon Counties, several programs are available to the public:

  • Care Coordination – This program connects patients with providers for their healthcare needs and with community resources for needs such as housing, transportation and food.
  • Individual, Family and Group Therapy – Individual therapy provides one-on-one sessions with a clinical therapist to identify and address specific mental health challenges. Group therapy consists of people with similar problems and challenges who work together in a supportive environment. Family therapy aims to identify and address stressors that challenge family relationships.
  • No-cost Services – Community members have the ability to use a number of services at no charge:                                                         
    • Independent Living Program – Provides emergency financial assistance to persons diagnosed with a mental illness.
    • Peer Support Academies – Peer Support Centers in Blount, Knox and Sevier counties offer support for hundreds of individuals. Adults 18+ with a mental illness are eligible to participate.
    • Recovery Link – Bridges the gap between addiction and recovery by connecting people who suffer from addiction to treatment programs.
    • Support Groups – Peninsula offers 13 types of support groups with regular meetings. These range from suicide survivors to groups dealing with depression and anxiety, and family support to managing relationships. For the full list, visit                                                                                                                                     
    • Women in Treatment – For uninsured women age 18-64 who suffer from addiction. Primary placement is for those who are pregnant and abusing substances.                       
  • Outpatient Pharmacy – A pharmacy for all types of prescriptions, not just psychiatric medications.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management
    Peninsula Outpatient Centers offer services provided by a psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse practitioner to evaluate an individual’s need for psychiatric medications. We also provide ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of these medications.
  • Recovery Education Center (Psycho-social Rehabilitation Programs) – This is an educational program that focuses on preparing for success toward life goals through a variety of topics. The goal is to help individuals – develop key recovery concepts for mental health and/or addiction, develop social functioning, and discover a sense of well-being in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Substance Abuse Services – For those struggling with substance abuse, treatment is available through an intensive outpatient program, Recovery Link and Women in Treatment.                                                                                                                                                             

Peninsula also offers inpatient services for both adults and adolescents. A team approach using psychiatrists, nurses, counselors and discharge planners ensures individualized treatment plans and interventions for people in crisis. To find a program that’s right for your mental and behavioral health needs, call (865) 970-9800 or visit

Setting Attainable Fitness Goals

Austin Smith, Exercise Physiologist

Tips from Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center

As you prepare to set health and fitness goals for the new year, Austin Smith, exercise physiologist at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center, shares some tips to help set
you up to achieve success.

1. Create specific goals that are easily measured. Ask yourself what is ideally healthy for you. Identify specific areas that benefit your personal health and wellness, and find a manageable
way to track them.
2. Be realistic about your goals. Health and fitness is not a “one size fits all” experience. Take this opportunity to tailor a workout routine that uniquely aligns with your individual wellness goals.
3. Plan ahead and create a routine that works for you. Be determined with the time that you have and practice consistency to achieve your goals.
4. Stay motivated! Changing your lifestyle takes time! Give yourself time to adjust and reflect.

Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center has many programs to help meet your health and fitness needs. A 5-star health club, the facility offers group fitness classes, personal training, a weight management program, a variety of sports, and a full selection of strength and cardio equipment. New in 2022, the center will also offer a Renew Program, X-Treme Fitness Challenge 2.0, Virtual Fitness – FLEX and specialized fitness testing packages. To learn more about Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center, please visit or call (865) 531-5000.