Need an Orthopedist?

Experiencing knee or hip pain and looking for a physician who can help your pain and get you back to enjoying everyday life? Click here for a list of our actively-privileged orthopedists at Parkwest Medical Center, or call us at (865) 374-PARK.

Patient Success Stories

Ed Dennison

Ed Dennison doesn’t need Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit to do some pretty amazing things. All he needs is a pair of running shoes and an artificial knee joint made from titanium alloys and polyethylene plas­tic and he’s good to go.  In fact, Dennison has been on the go since Parkwest Medical Center orthopedic surgeon  Paul Becker, MD did a par­tial knee replacement on his right leg last July. Now, like the Marvel superhero, there’s no stopping him.

Read more about Ed’s story and other patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery at Parkwest.

Preparing for Surgery

Joint replacement patients who understand what to expect during the surgical and rehabilitation process have better outcomes. The Parkwest Joint Center offers educational joint classes held before surgery during which patients learn what to expect during their stay. Patients are encouraged to attend to these classes with the family member or friend who will support them during their surgery and rehabilitation.

Patient Education

Please visit our health information library for disease state information about joints and orthopedic surgery. You may also view our videos on hip and knee replacement below:

Hip Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery