Moo’The Bee Award’ Celebrates Outstanding Care

Parkwest Medical Center implemented the BEE Award to recognize extraordinary employees who are not registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs) who are eligible for The DAISY Award. BEE stands for “Being Exceptional Every Day.”

Since March 2019, Parkwest has recognized 10 outstanding employees. The three employees most recently recognized are Myleshia Carter, Amy Lackey, and Valerie Nagle. Jason Draper, Parkwest’s vice president of support services, notes an important trend in those who are recognized.“It’s not the technical skill of the worker that prompted the nomination – it’s the soft skill, the caring touch, the listening ear, the empathetic heart – those are what patients notice and remember. Those soft skills are what our patients perceive as excellent care.”

“A DAISY can’t survive without a BEE and a BEE can’t survive without a DAISY!”

The BEE committee and Parkwest’s senior leadership recently
presented the award to Myleshia Carter.

“She Cared for  Me So Much” Recognizing Myleshia Carter, patient care assistant

Myleshia Carter works as a patient care assistant in Parkwest’s float pool. She was nominated by a patient and was awarded The BEE Award in January. She has since been nominated and recognized a second time
for her excellent patient care. Myleshia is the first
employee to receive two BEE Awards!

Myleshia Carter

Myleshia’s first nominator writes: “It’s unusual
to me to be in the hospital. The sick condition that I was  in… to have someone who is working nights and late into the morning to be concerned for me and the pain that I am enduring…

“She cared for me so much that she wanted to do something for me, with no ability to do anything physically. She told me she was praying for me and put me on her prayer list. To me, this exceeds all expectations!

“To think about how compassionate this gesture is, she deserves recognition! She has five children,
takes care of a family, works nights to provide for them, and then provided exceptional
care to me! I think she deserves a reward. I’m sure
she will receive one from God.”

Another Patient writes…                                                        “Myleshia is truly special. She is absolutely in the right career. She was on duty on my absolute worst night. I was in agony. I was in tears. I was miserable. When she came in to help me to the bathroom, she saw that I was in such distress that I was on my knees against the bed. At that moment I had given up and didn’t want to go any further. “You know what she did? She hugged and rocked me until I was able to get back in bed. I have never felt as much pain as I did those first three or four days, and while she couldn’t give me the medicine, she gave me PURE LOVE. You forget the pain overtime, but you never forget those who held your hand through it.  She is so  wonderful, she continued to visit even though I wasn’t her patient anymore.”

The BEE Committee and senior leadership presenting award to Amy Lackey.

A Champion During the Chaos” Recognizing Amy Lackey, health unit  coordinator

Amy Lackey is a health unit coordinator in Parkwest’s float pool. Amy was nominated by several of her peers for her amazing attitude and outstanding teamwork. During the most recent BEE voting period, Amy was nominated six times.

Amy’s Nominations from Her Parkwest Peers:

Amy Lackey

• “She was so warm and cordial and CALM. I thought perhaps she did this sort of thing all of the time. I later learned she took on this role to organize and schedule scores of employees like me who just had their professional world turned upside down. She has done an AMAZING job keeping us all on schedule throughout this very challenging time of the pandemic.”
• “She works very hard to accommodate everyone’s schedule. She always finds a way to make it work and stays positive throughout it.”
• “She is patient and never shows frustration with multiple demands pulling on her at the same time. She is a dedicated employee and deserves this award.”
• “Amy has worked tirelessly to assure fairness to employees during the adjustments to our schedules for COVID-19. Thanks for being a champion during this chaos.”
• “I cannot say enough about Amy. She has been wonderful in coordinating extra hours for everyone at the hospital.”
• “I don’t know how she has done this with so much patience and kindness. She always calls you back. She is a great employee representing Parkwest Medical Center                                                            and Covenant Health.”

Valerie Nagle, a department assistant in diagnostic radiology,
was presented with The BEE Award on April 23.

“Angel Wings Tucked
Under Her Scrubs”
Recognizing Valerie Nagle,
department assistant

Valerie Nagle works in the diagnostic radiology department as a department assistant. Valerie was nominated by another Covenant Health employee for the care she provided and for her extraordinary

Valerie Nagle

Valerie’s Nomination

Her nominator writes: “This morning I had to go to Parkwest for my regular tests. I am a ‘frequent flyer,’ as we used to call patients at Parkwest who come in a lot because of health issues. Each and every time I go to the hospital, I look forward to seeing my friend Valerie, who works the desk  in the outpatient  testing waiting room. I have known Valerie for close to 19 years. She is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever known in my life. If I didn’t know better I would think she has angel wings tucked under her scrubs.

“I always thought she was especially kind to me because of the years we have been acquainted, but this morning, I had the opportunity to sit back and watch Valerie interact with patients while doing
her job. I saw her go above and beyond to help everyone. In a matter of 15 minutes, I saw her come from behind her desk to help a patient in a wheelchair with some paperwork that had to be  completed. I witnessed her jump up and guide a man  who was lost. She immediately sensed his needs and  helped him before I heard him speak any words. I watched her catch a woman who was going to go
sit down with her paperwork in hand, and inform her so sweetly that she would take care of her.

“As I sat and observed, I learned something about  Valerie.  She has always made me feel like I am the most important person in the world for all the years I have known her, and this morning I realized she makes everyone feel like the most important person in the world. I want to be just like Valerie.”

Jason Draper says, “The BEE Award shines a light on our employees in support service areas because their work ultimately reaches the patient in some way. Sterile processing techs never see a patient, but their work prevents
surgical site infections. Lab technicians don’t interact with patients, but the results of their tests drive physician
decision making and must be accurate. Our valet staff doesn’t provide clinical care, but they are often our patient’s first impression of our hospital and set the tone for the entire visit.”

BEE Award recipients are presented with a certificate, lapel pin, a floral arrangement, cupcakes and a small gift. To nominate someone for a BEE Award, visit