Twice a year Parkwest Medical Center holds a Service Awards recognition banquet, honoring employees who have achieved a milestone year of service in the most recent six month period. The celebration usually honors those with 1 year of service, 3 years of service, 5 years of service, 10 years of service, and so on, with special recognition of those who are celebrating 30+ years of service.

Although we could not host the traditional banquet due to social gathering limitations, this week we celebrated the four employees individually who were achieved their 30 years and 50 years of service from January – June 2020. Employees who have achieved the other milestones will soon receive their certificates and pins (if applicable).

Congratulations to:

  • David Bluford, Chaplain, 30 years
  • Mike Lauderdale, RN, CCU, 30 years
  • Cindy Ogle, Emergency Department, 30 years
  • Pat Cheka, RN, Cardiac Rehab, 50 years

We’re so appreciative of the years of service you’ve contributed to Parkwest Medical Center and Covenant Health! Congratulations on your important milestone!

David Bluford in mask, holding certificate.
Chaplain David Bluford, 30 years of service.
Mike Lauderdale with flowers and mask.
Mike Lauderdale, RN in CCU, 30 years.
Cindy Ogle in mask holding flowers
Cindy Ogle, Emergency Room, 30 years of service.
Pat Cheka wearing mask holding flowers
Pat Cheka, RN, Cardiac Rehab, 50 years of service.