For the twenty-second year in a row, Peninsula, a Division of Parkwest Medical Center, is offering expert holiday “survival advice” as a community service. The 2016 Holiday Survival Guide is now available online, and may be downloaded free of charge.

“Nearly everyone has stress triggered by the holidays,” said Parkwest CAO Neil Heatherly. “With all of the demands of the holiday season, you and your family members may experience stress at an all-time high. With the right coping skills, you’ll be bale to enjoy the celebrations of this time of year.”

This year’s handbook includes information on stressful situations commonly faced, such as juggling multiple family obligations, holiday travel, and coping with depression, illness and/or grief. There is also advice for keeping your spending under control and information about support groups available through Peninsula should you or a loved one need help.

If your stressful situation requires more help than the handbook can offer, call Peninsula at (865) 970-9800.