Our team offers physical, occupational and speech therapy services to patients throughout the facility who need it while hospitalized.

  • Physical Therapy (PT) services include:

PT evaluation, Therapeutic exercises/ROM programs, Gait training, Transfer training, Balance training, Adaptive equipment recommendations, Developing Home Exercise programs with patient and family education, Neuromuscular exercise, Orthotic fitting/training, Prosthetic training, Posture/body mechanics training, Community/work reintegration, all geared toward helping the patient attain his/her maximum functional motor potential.

The PT department is equipped with a full gym set up with treatment mat/table, weights, theraband, stairs, treatment mirror,  and a handicapped bathroom.

  • Occupational Therapy (OT)  services include:

OT evaluation, Visual/perceptual training, Modalities, Self care/ADL training, Home Safety Assessments, Use of adaptive equipment, Splinting, ROM/exercise programs, Cognitive retraining, Neuromuscular retraining, and Developing Home Exercise Programs for patient and family education, all geared to restore, reinforce and enhance the patient’s ability to perform their activities of daily living.

The department is equipped with a car simulator for transfers and training, full kitchen for home safety assessment, full bathroom for tub transfer education, full capability for splinting,  and resource material for home modifications.

  • Speech Therapy Services include:

The diagnosis and rehabilitation for neurogenic cognitive and communication disorders, voice disorders and swallowing disorders in the adolescent and adult populations. Speech and swallowing rehabilitation services are also provided for those individuals with head and neck cancer.

Our Inpatient Therapy Services department can be reached by calling (865) 373-1834.