Parkwest’s First TAVR Patient Tells Benefits of Procedure


Roy Ogle, with his wife, Katy, was the first patient at Parkwest to receive a new aortic heart valve using the revolutionary TAVR procedure.

Five days past his 88th birthday, Roy Ogle became Parkwest’s first-ever TAVR patient. Ogle is a living testament to what TAVR can do for heart patients with severe aortic stenosis whose health issues make them unsuitable for open-heart surgery.

Since the surgery, Ogle has enjoyed life in ways he says weren’t possible prior to TAVR. He threw out the first pitch at a Smokies baseball game, and has been the key speaker at many events in which he tells others about TAVR. “With as much good as it does, I don’t know why anybody who’s having problems wouldn’t do it.”

His wife, Katy, has been impressed with Ogle’s ability to take part in the daily joys of life. “He’s back to being like he was 20 years ago,” says Katy. “He does everything! He got out here last week and dug up that whole half of the yard, digging up the crabgrass. He climbs ladders. He does anything he wants to do – and he wants to do a lot.”

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