It’s Staff Feature Friday! today we are getting to know Katie from Critical Care!

Name: Katie Donovan, RN, CCRN


How long have you worked at Parkwest? I’ve been here nearly 3 1/2 years.


Why do you love working at Parkwest?! My coworkers in the unit are the best!  We all work well together and when things take a turn for the worse, we rally around one another until the situation is resolved.


Where are you from?  I moved to Knoxville from Boston, MA in middle school and have been here ever since.


What is your favorite book? I loved the book “Kisses for Katie”.  Not only does it have my name in the title, but it’s about a young woman who, on a leap of faith, adopts several orphans in rural Africa to give them a better life.  I love mission work and children and would love the opportunity to combine them by volunteering with orphans someday.


What is your dream vacation spot? Anywhere on a beach in the Caribbean.  Warm weather and an ocean breeze are all I need for it to be my dream vacation.


What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? In the evening after we have finished our meal, we do a drawing for our (not so) Secret Santa.  We usually end up switching and defeating the purpose of the whole thing, but it’s tradition.


Who is your favorite actor? I’d have to say Ryan Gosling.  He’s handsome and talented and I was in my early 20’s when the Notebook came out.  I can still watch that movie on a loop.


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? A lot of places come to mind, but the place I’ve wanted to go for the longest is Brazil.  I minored in Portuguese when I did my first college degree.  It has such a rich and diverse culture, not to mention the amazing landscapes.


Do you have any siblings? How many? Oh, yes, I come from a big family.  I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and they are all younger than me.  There are only 10 years between myself and my youngest sibling so we are all very close even though we are not close geographically.