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Staff Feature Friday

Posted on March 9, 2018 in Feature Friday

In today’s staff feature Friday we’re getting to know some of our social workers during national social worker’s month!

Social Workers Month
Pictured left to right: Hope Burbine, Michaela Whidby, Amelie Blue, Ian Berry and Frankie Mumford. Not pictured: Diane Cook, Sandy Maluso, Patti Snow, Joe Strong and Judith Winter.

What is the role of a Social Worker? Advocate, leader, facilitator, problem solver, counselor. Social workers validate life, acknowledge a person’s worth, and we help gain a person’s insight which fosters their abilities to see change as necessary.

What skills do you think are necessary for a great social worker? Being present in the moment, working with patients where they are at, good communication skills, non-judgemental attitude, awareness of cultural differences, self-awareness, organization, coordination of resources, good persuasion skills, cooperation, and patience.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of my job is seeing someone who takes a big step forward in improving their life, and I get to be part of their journey.” -Ian Berry

“As a social worker you are introduced to so many different people, cultures, and diversity. I love constantly being able to learn new things that not only help me in my job but also help me in the community, at work, and my personal life!” -Michaela Whidby

Why did you choose a career in social work?

“I wanted a challenge! Working with kids and adolescents I’ve learned that they’re vulnerable and resilient. Working with adults’ loves is complicated but things are fixable; and I’m honored working with the geriatric population knowing i was part of their journey in life. The goal of being a social worker is to empower others to be their best.” -Amelie Blue

“I chose a career in social work for versatility and to create change in the world.” -Hope Burbine

“I chose social work as my career at a young age. I witness so many people in my community not knowing how to simply navigate the basics of life. Growing up in my community there were a lot of disadvantages I saw, and I wanted to know how I could make a difference. Social work is more than a ‘career,’ it’s being able to advocate needs, implement policies and creating a community cohesion.” -Frankie Mumford